Summer solstice (EN)

At the summer solstice and in preparation in and as an organizational team for the

– Wurzeln der Erde Kiva Deutschland 2022 –
18. August – 21. August 2022

we met in the castle park Dennenlohe and on the campground last weekend.

We sweated – and not just in the sweat lodge – we planted and built and as an organisational team and each one connected with the fire of the Kiva.

At the exact moment of the solstice, a fire was lit in the Kiva by Helmut, at the same time as Heriberto in the Mother Kiva in Mexico and the families in Chile and Austria.

Por todas nuestras relaciones … Ahooo
For all our relatives… Ahoooo

Now we are looking forward seeing you all in August and to spend the time of the Kiva Ceremony together with you and many participants, elders and keepers of knowledge from all over the world.
This second year is all about family, let’s come together around the fire that unites us.

Aho – Ahea – Aye
Team Wurzeln der Erde Deutschland

These wonderful lines and some of the pictures here reached us today:
A fiery Ahey to the Roots-of-the-Earth Germany team!

Our time together resonates with joy in me.
My heart is full and full.

Thank you everyone for these precious days.
Thank you to all forces from the visible and invisible worlds.

Everything went so powerfully and at the same time so easily.
Coupled with so much laughter and enjoyment!

So much inspiration and guidance from our brethren from the other kingdoms, from the weather spirits and the ancestor powers.

So much sun and so much warmth – on so many levels…. heart wide open!
And like a confirmation from the heart of heaven to the heart of earth, the greeting of the thunder spirits in the sweat lodge on Monday morning.
What a wonderful choreography!

We live and we learn.
And as we dance our life, real power is a fairly still and quiet affair most moments.

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