Photos Kiva 2022 – Part III by Mandy

With great pleasure there are more photos from the ceremony and the camp.

Mandy & Mathias came out of the clear, bright sky by the August sun to the family and the Kiva Ceremony.
By the wonderful photos they send this words:

Thanks to the people and the ceremony; what an arrival and deep dive in!
We were immediately part in experience and shape of the construction, the lighting of the fire and really take part from the beginning.
For us as photographers, it is always exciting not to be seen as a technical factor, but to be t h e r e.
That’s how it was, that’s how it is, that’s how it will be in the coming year.
The conversations, the drums, the chants by the fire and the Kiva are still present.


Aho – Ahea – Aye
Team Wurzeln der Erde Deutschland

Foto(s): Fotografie Mandy Such / Bilder, wie Du und ich /
The images are for personal use. Feel free to contact Mandy Such directly to clarify other uses.

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