One fire, many hearts!

Exactly three years ago, the Kiva – the round in Mother Earth – was born in Germany on 3 June 2021.
As a small team, we hardly knew what to expect.

Worldwide, we humans were in doubt about the external circumstances.

Then Heriberto, as Director of the Roots of the Earth, gave us an opportunity, an idea, and our Chief Helmut accepted it and took us all with him. And more and more people joined us.

Last weekend, we met as a larger group for the last time for preparation at the Kiva in Dennenlohe Castle Park, built sweat lodges, stacked wood and found ourselves as a team (even those who couldn’t be there supported us with their love and enthusiasm, which could be felt at every moment).

A statement, almost a poem by Heriberto, came back to my mind:
“Kiva Germany – first flight to infinite time
And a cry appeared in the four winds…
Tigre Perez, see how the weave of Europe is woven in one thread, Kiva, the heart that listens attentively to the ancestral voices of the original peoples”

One fire, many hearts!

With this sentence we start this year, we light the fire in our hearts, I see the spark and fire in many hearts and eyes.

Who got the call, who is with us in August?
What verse do we add to the story of the Kiva Ceremony this year?
The first year it was the first flight and releasing in the prayers to Mother Earth and the Great Creator, we invited the spirits and spirit beings of this land and they came and watched over us – who we were like children.
In the second year, we honoured the family.
Last year, for the first time, elders from all five continents (*) gathered in the Kiva and the ancestors showed us that we are all the same.

It will be wonderful to see everyone who has attended in previous years.
It will be wonderful to welcome more people into the family of the roots of the earth.

“The year for ourselves, now is the time to close the circle, receive the blessing and move forward.”
Helmut (Director Roots of the Earth Team Germany)

Aho – Ahea – Aye
Team Roots of the Earth Germany

(*) A new journey for the Kiva ceremony begins in early 2025, a pilgrimage over eight weeks on five continents (Italy, India, Australia, Africa, Chile) – more information on

Tobias writes here, as he usually has in the past few years, with a little melancholy, a little relief, a very small portion of “I’m tired” and a lot of thanks for everything I’ve been able to experience up to here, what I’ve learnt with and from all of you.

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