A fire, that all fires unite! (EN)

A fire, that all fires unite!
A fire, that us unite!
A fire, that all unites!

Kiva-Ceremony 2022 – Schlosspark Dennenlohe – August, 18.-21. 2022

The second year, year of the second Kiva-Ceremony,
the year we celebrate the family, the year we encounter us as family.

The Kiva, heart of earth; at the fire, that us all unites.
By these words and the vision from Tigre in our hearts, we as a the organisation team Roots-of-the-Earth Germany step forward in this year and begin to plan on the ceremony in August.

Stay tuned – Tickets for the Ceremony soon on sale.

“He saw a dark-skinned woman crying. This woman was our Mother Earth. He saw how an excavation opened up in the earth on her tears and people of different languages and sounds with different colored robes came and walked into the earth and prayed at a fire. Joyful that her children were reunited, the woman began to sing and emit her healing power.” (Vision von Raymundo Tigre Perez)

Aho – Ahea – Aye
Roots-of-the-Earth Germany

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