Helmut tells about the Kiva Ceremony (EN)

Helmut (Director Team Roots of the Earth Germany) about the Kiva Ceremony:

When I met Tigre in the early 90s, I was already deeply in touch by his vision.
Inside I have always felt how sad Mother Earth is and how much she needs us.
In my many years of spiritual activity, it fills me over and over again to see people happy, and then to see Mother Earth happy as well.

Because that belongs together.

Tigre carried the vision of Mother Earth and I strongly felt his connection, which I also have, to Mother Earth.

In his vision, spiritual people of all colours and continents came together.
All wore their traditional clothing and spoke their own language in prayer together.
They walked together in a large circle embedded in the earth, the Kiva, each in their own way.

As children of Mother Earth, they all meet in one place, the Kiva, with their different paths of spirituality and their powers.
Our mother shows herself in such diversity.
From this joint prayer great healing power develops and many wondrous things happen.

And it shows us the sacred obligation of all people to work for the good of the earth and nature.
It is possible regardless of any cultural differences.
If we create a place where we treat everyone with respect, for the good of Mother Earth.

We try to come close to this ideal in every Kiva ceremony.

As Tigre often does at the end of a ceremony, I close with the following words:
We are the ones from the past,
we are the ones in the presence
and we are the ones, which will be.

Sincerely yours

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