The Kiva Ceremony 2021

Roots of the Earth Kiva Germany

A fire is burning for four days in the Kiva centre – a circular excavation – dug in the body of mother earth; intermediaries between the veils pray for four days in a ceremonial covenant to heal Mother Earth.
Houndreds from humankind accompany the prayers giving their power, their chants and shelter the sphere. Prayers and nascent connection on our humankind hearts brace and heal the Wurzeln der Erde / Roots of the earth / Raices de la Tierra.

It happened the first time over forty years ago from a vision of Reymundo Tigre Perez, a wisdom keeper, a medicine man of the Purépechas (Mexico / Texas).

We are connected to all, for all we are connected, with all our hearts.
Aho – Ahea – Aye
Wurzeln der Erde Germany Team

Kiva 21 - Elders & Wisdom keepers

Kiva 21 - Elders & Wisdom keepers

Kiva 21 - Elders & Wisdom keepers Experience, wisdom, Power of prayers. ... mehr lesen / read more ...

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