The Kiva Ceremony 2023

The third year, the year of the third Kiva Ceremony,
the year we honor the ancestors and ask for succor and guidance.

The fire of the Kiva continues to burn in all of us!

“We are the ones from the past, we are the ones in the presence and we are the ones, which will be”
Reymundo Tigre Perez

Together in trust – we were more than 800 people together. In the sun and in the storm, at an early hour and in the glow of the community fire at our beautiful camp. Thanks!

Photos Kiva 2023

Photos Kiva 2023

Photos Kiva 2023 Thanks to all of you who were with us. More than 800 souls have been with us and it was good.
Kiva 23 – Elders & Wisdom keepers

Kiva 23 – Elders & Wisdom keepers

A prayer for Mother Earth. One Mother Earth - Five Continents. ... mehr lesen / read more ...

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