The dragon sweat lodge

The dragon sweat lodge (Drachenschwitzhütte) in their power and energy

The Drachenschwitzhütte takes place regularly every two weeks on the full moon and on the dark moon in Olching at the gates of Munich and is an example of the newly awakened and reawakened ceremonies in European power.

On a vision quest, the name found the ceremony, the ceremony found this name.
Ancient dragon energy is one of the strengths of this country, this clod, the European heartland rests on the back of the dragons.

Many stones went through the fire, many songs were sung, we drummed, prayed, laughed and had tears.
From this togetherness and a long connection to the living traditions of North American peoples, the Drachenschwitzhütte has now emerged, carried and lived in and out of the connection to our European roots.

As the name of the sweat lodge, the dragon stands symbolically for the constant connection with this power and energy, we go into the dragon and thus in connection with mother earth.
From the Scandinavian dragon ships to the pictorial dragon backs of the foothills of the Alps, from the British dragon to the connecting sagas and legends about the Nibelungen: the dragon is a connecting element.

Aho – Ahea – Aye

Course of the ceremony and the five rounds

A circle of people meets in a common ceremony, fire and stone, water and air, heaven and earth united.

Stones are heated in a fire and go through a fire to bring us the power of the sun.
In the hut – in the belly of the earth – we sit in a circle and form an eternal circle.
The stones bring the fire into the hut in five rounds, water is given and transforms songs, thoughts, prayers, stories, love and suffering.

The sweat lodge ladder opens the way to the otherworld with two stones and invites the energies and beings.
For the five rounds the door opens, new stones are brought in, fresh water is given; we encounter different energies and topics.

The five rounds begin:

  • Thirteen stones for the thirteen moons in a year start the first round.
    The I in us.
  • Eight stones for the eight cardinal points, the Celtic-Germanic annual festivals of the moon and sun are the transition to the second round.
    After the I comes the you.
  • Five stones for the round of the heart bring the four elements into connection with our heart.
    It is the we.
  • Three stones, threefold you, open the fourth round: the otherworld, the beings / spirits.
  • Two stones in the center of the last round to perceive, unite and solve EVERYTHING: the duality as the source of all life force; the dragon energy.
    You and me, you and everything, me and everything, you and we, we and all.

In the end, everyone closes the circle when leaving, leaving behind what is a burden, taking with what strengthens and strengthens.
After everyone has left the hut, the fireman who sets the stones is the last to close the circle with a stone and gives strength, heart and prayer to the ceremony.

Aho – Ahea – Aye
Die Drachenfeuerleute

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