The moon time treasure

Grandmothers’ treasure trove of wisdom about moon time

> A special mission in the ceremony
When I – Isharia – first traveled to the USA for the Kiva ceremony, known as Kanto de la tierra,
I got my moon time two weeks after my last bleeding, two days before the start of the ceremony.

At that time the following beautiful words were said to me:
“If you get your moon time outside of your rhythm for the ceremony, then the great spirit and the great goddess have determined you to take on this special mission in the ceremony, for the earth and the people.”

> A deep connection to mother earth
An elder explained to us that we women, as the feminine principle, have a special connection with Mother Earth by nature.
“In the ceremonies we stand barefoot on the earth so that the energy can be freely absorbed by our feet and rise up into our body. We wear long, wide skirts in which the earth energy collects. When we dance on Mother Earth during the sun dance or are in prayer in the ceremony, the energy flows into us even more strongly. When this strong force from Mother Earth now fills our abdomen, it is not uncommon for our periods to start, even if we only had them two weeks earlier. “
This can happen to us even during menopause. So be prepared.    

> Remember
We women shall remember how holy we are. We have seen a lot that needs healing and renewal. It is the time to help each other and to bring our feminine strength back to life.“

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