Some about us, the people at the Drachenfeuer:

Nearly 30 years ago it was given from heart by the elders and teachers on both sides of the ocean, the fellows Reymundo Tigre Perez, medicine man from the Purépechas and Fred Drum Contreras, medicine man from the Raramurri del Norte.

“How do you want to re-find your roots, if you cannot connect?”

Fred Drum Contreras teached and lectured the ceremonies and the how-to on the Tortuga, the sweat lodge ritual from the Raramurri and he asked us, no he required, to find our own ways, to re-find, to new-find.
Still alive is the exchange by heart and soul on both side of the ocean.

Out of this all some years ago we found the “Drachenschwitzhütte” (Dragon fire sweat lodge); fire and stone from the Tortuga where given back.

We keep holding the energy, are in connection to our european roots; are in connection to our friends over the ocean.

Year by year the connection to Raices de la Tierra on both sides of the ocean grows and grows and builds
Wurzeln in der Erde / Roots in the earts / Raices de la Tierra.