The Guidance

at moon time

Summarized here is a guide for the moon time women, that helps us to keep a clear energy in the ceremony and to purposefully direct the strong power of the moon time women. By this we build up a strong connection to Mother Earth and support the ceremony with the highest female love and presence.

If you have any further questions or concerns, the women who take care of the moon place and the moon time women are available with open ears and hearts. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, we will forward it to the guardians of the moon womens place (Isharia, Sina and the team).

All woman in their moon time during the Kiva ceremony are heartfully invited:

  • To take place in the moon lodge directly left to the Kiva entrance and to support the ceremony in the circle of sisterhood and moon power and to give joy to Mother Earth by their strong joined power out of this sacred time.
  • to give their moon gift to Mother Earth in a secure and specially opened and consecrated place.
  • There will be a women’s tent where women can withdraw and rest and where women’s groups can also take place.
  • There is the possibility of producing salt- oder herbal sachets that give you protection and keep the moon energy centered with you.
  • Allow yourself to walk into the quiet presence of the moon and take a break from the busy everyday life.

Please pay attention:

  • The moonlight women are very welcome in the women’s sweat lodge, but should not go to the mixed sweat lodges during the moon time.
  • Moon Time women are exempt from kitchen duty and serving food.
  • The elders ask that you do not walk between the Kiva entrance and them.
  • Please understand that the moon time women do not enter the Kiva themselves at the first morning of the ceremony, to put items on the altar. You can give them to your family / friends or they can be collected by the moon lodge guardians and brought to the altar. After the final Kiva ceremony, the moon time women are also allowed to enter the Kiva and collect their items from the altar.
  • Let us make a wonderful, loving, beneficial contribution in this ceremony for our mother earth, for humanity, for our children, for the country and as a thank you to the great goddess and the great father.
    Let us be together in beauty and shine from our hearts.

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