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Most important first! :

You don’t need a printed ticket or similar, just tell us your name at the WelcomeDesk and you’re welcome.

Your arrival is possible from Wednesday, 14.08.2024, 14:00; on Friday, 16.08.2024, 15:30.
Note: please head directly to the campground at the sportplatz and register at the signposted WelcomeDesk; please do not drive on the ground before.

Please inform us, if you plan to arrive later than 21:00.

FAQ and the One and the Other, which is important for us as team:

Address / Travel:

Sportplatz des SV Lellenfeld, Großlellenfeld 500, 91722 Arberg, Deutschland
GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/smkyQBjmfTXMrT5f7
Coordinates: 49°06’35.3″N 10°37’11.2″E // 49.1095413574761, 10.619265107426367
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By car:
– From the north via A7, passing Dinkelsbühl to Unterschwaningen or via A9, A6 & B13 passing Ansbach & Gunzenhausen

– From the south via A9 & B13 passing Ingolstadt & Gunzenhausen or by A7, passing Dinkelsbühl to Unterschwaningen

By train and bus:
– Via München; passing Augsburg & Treuchtlingen to Gunzenhausen, from there by Bus to Großlellenfeld West, Arberg; and around 1km by foot to the Campground
– Via Nürnberg; to Ansbach,  from there by Bus to  to Großlellenfeld West, Arberg; and around 1km by foot to the Campground.

ATTENTION: The public bus only runs during the week. We ask you to take the bus on Wednesday and Friday. For the departure on Sunday, we are planning two to three transport trips at 4:00 p.m. / 5:00 p.m. / 6:00 p.m. to the train station in Gunzenhausen (on demand, please contact as early as possible the Info tent) . Please plan your onward journey accordingly.

Drive together / Gemeinsam fahren:

Always a good idea to travel together.
Here linked is a small forum to connect and offer & search free travel spots.


There are not enough parking spaces at the camp or at the entrance gate to the Kiva. The available spaces are reserved for team and shuttle vehicles.

(for your cars there is a lawn opposite to the camp to park for the four / two days)

For the good atmosphere around the lake and the friendly community with the neighboring villages; please only park in areas marked for us. In particular, the parking lots overall at the lake are not available.

Dogs at the camp and the ceremony – not this year

It is with a heavy heart that we as a team have decided not to allow dogs with us this year. In the past years there have been cases at the camp that have led us to this decision. We ask for your understanding.

(There are “invisible” team dogs, please do no mind about it)

Packing List:

– Your home for four days (Tent, Camper and all you need)
— The places for mobile homes are limited, please book separately and secure your slot “soon”.

– Clothing for all weather conditions, proper shoes, Seating pad (Fur or felt)

– First Aid Kit, Mosquito spray, sunscreen, tick tweezers

– Flashlight / headlamp / (solar-)power bank for charging your smartphones etc.

– Bicycles, scooters (attention: the camp is approx. 1.5 km from the ceremonial area, the parking space another 1,5km).

– Plates, cups, cutlery and a kitchen towel, refillable water bottle, ideally in a bag

If you need to cool medication, please bring a lockable box that is as small as possible. A “public” fridge is available

Electricity to charge mobile phones etc.

There will be a central charging station for mobile phones, baby monitors and so on.
There is no possibility to supply electricity directly to tents or campervans.

A bath to the lake:

At the official campsite on the other site of the lake opposite from our camp is the only official swimming area, well suited to refresh yourself after the sweat lodge.

Meals / Catering:

– If you need special diet, please remember to have enough for you.

– All meals will be vegetarian / vegan aligned (additional gluten free food, esp. bread is for allergic people only).

The joined meals:

– Simple breakfast with porridge, fruit, coffee and tea (06:00 – 09:00)

– A lunch / snack is served at noon (12:00 – 14:00)

– a warm dinner (17:30 Kids / After the evening Kiva ~20:00 – 23:00)

There will be again beverages in bottles from the cooling truck, please bring some coins with you. Preferable Two-Euro-Coins (Zwickl, as we say in Bavaria).

Around the Ceremony:

– One or two packets of tobacco for the fire as offerings (Please hand them over at the welcome desk to one of our team)

– A personal item, which will be loaded over four days with the energy from the prayers, that you can place on the altar in the kiva on Thursday morning. You can collect it only earliest after the four days on Sunday.
Participant arriving later or departing earlier, can place an item on one of the sweat lodge altars. Please contact the fire keepers there.

– Sweat lodge clothing: dress or large cloth for women / short or large cloth for men; Towel or bathrobe.

– “Beautiful” and “festive” outfit for the Kiva ceremonies, let’s go to the Kiva decorated and in colorful robes; gladly from your tradition and in your costume.

A note from Helmut:
“We want all of our guests to feel comfortable in the ceremony, so we considerate of the dress habits from other countries.”

What is a ceremony?

Heriberto (Director Roots-of-the-Earth worldwide) has described the Kiva-Ceremony once as follows:
“A ceremony is like a bowl. That’s good for us humans, because the bowl is empty and a space in which something can show itself. The spiritual beings and spirits, the family, the ancestors, the people, each for themselves.
Outside we have everything that is needed, water and wood, kitchen and coffee. The focus is in the ceremony, and in the “bowl” and fire there. There is creation and spiritual space created by and with the prayer of the elders.
Then the ceremony happens within ourselves.”

Further explanations and information on the Kiva-Ceremony and its history can be found here.

The Kiva-Ceremony unites us humans, together with all the elders, in prayer and focus for four days.
We keep getting requests from wonderful people who want to contribute with their strengths and skills.
There is no space left for more, be it Mama Cacao, be it journeys of all kinds; the entire space is filled with the Kiva-Ceremony.
Let this ceremony happen within us.

In connection with the intention – alignment in the ceremony:

There are many orientations or intentions for a ceremony, such as praying for Mother Earth, the purity of the elements, for humanity, asking for clarity for yourself or for a person close to you, finding your own purpose in life, and much more.

A ceremony like the Kiva Ceremony, with its power and energy over four days, works before and after; quite in the same amount of time. A good preparation is helpful and a haven of peace on the days afterwards.

Further explanations and information can be found here.

Moontime / Moon women? What does that actually mean?

To us, these words are clear in their meaning. We forget too easily that this is not the case for everyone.

Let’s take the dictionary at hand…
Bleeding · menses · monthlies · menstrual cycle · one’s friend · that time · time of the month

– and probably countless other terms.

Why moon time? Menstruation followed and follows “naturally” the cycle of the moon and the 28-day rhythm of our earth companion.

Further explanations and information can be found here.

I have questions! – Who do I contact?

Do you still have a question that is not answered here? Feel free to contact us by email or via all common messenger services on
+49 172 92 72 333. Your question may also be important to others and we would be happy to add it to the FAQ.

Over the past year – and we’re still learning – some have asked ourselves who to turn to – especially after the Kiva Ceremony -, when it is difficult to integrate the energy into everyday life. We are here, we are available. Already during the ceremony there will be people who can be approached; many elders (if “locally” available) can and will help.

After the Kiva ceremony, you can contact Tobias (see above), he will forward you and provide help.

More information:

– Let us all help to leave the castle park and the camp cleaner than we find it.
– No drugs, no alcohol in the camp or at the ceremony.
– Smoking is allowed in marked areas; please use a travel ashtray to ensure that nothing is left there.
– No own fire in the camp or elsewhere
– Photo and video recordings: Please do not take photos / film at the sweat lodge area or the Kiva.

There will be enough photos for you to remember the ceremony via our website and Facebook. Please do not post any pictures on social media, they are your memories and that’s a good thing.

We have compiled this and other information for you in the attached PDF.

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