Hand-in-Hand / Organisation & Volunteers

We all help together hand-in-hand to make the days and together a good and mightfull ceremony possible.

Everyone, everyone helps together.
At the camp, in the kitchen, by the fire; in the joint ceremony.

As organization team, we receive many requests to participate in the ceremony and the beautiful days as a volunteer at a reduced price. We totally understand and yet we cannot go into it for everyone, even if we would like to warmly welcome everyone.

There are some Orga & Volunteers tickets at a reduced participation price for those who have been connected to the fire of the Kiva for a whole year and more and have made a commitment.
Those traveling from across Europe to serve a duty over the four days; and those of other lands and of the Roots-of-the-Earth family there to teach and learn and bring the fire in the Kiva to their land once

– Maybe there are open hearts that are willing to take over a part of the participation price for someone? Someone who can’t otherwise afford to participate?
– Maybe you, especially you, can do something that we don’t even know yet that we lack?
Get it contact with us.

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